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*All sessions can be done in person or virtually, individually or in small groups.

Presentation Skills

Spending hours preparing content for your next team meeting or project update? HOW you bring that content to life is equally important to what you will say. It will have a direct impact on engagement, clarity and understanding of your presentation. Rushing through the days, we often don’t dedicate enough time and attention to prepare our HOW. Learn simple techniques on how to engage with an audience using your body, movement and vocal animation.

Presentation Skills in the Virtual Space

If you find presenting in front of an audience challenging, then presenting in front of a virtual audience opens a whole new world of challenges even for experienced facilitators. With the recent rapid increase of technology in communication and a need for connection while working remotely, virtual meetings became a part of our reality. Learn simple techniques on how to engage and keep the focus of your audience while presenting in the virtual space.

Public Speaking Coaching

  • Understand your audience
  • Sharpen your message
  • Present with confidence

Nervous of an upcoming presentation, business meeting, or conference? Let’s work on it together! In this 2-hour session I will help you to sharpen your message, share the fundamentals on how to engage with your audience, and provide you with some basic tips on presentation skills. In other words, I will boost your competence and confidence.

Personal Brand

  • Understand the concept 'Personal Brand'
  • Get to know yourself
  • Define your brand before it defines you

Everybody has a brand but can you define yours before it defines you? Strong brands don't just happen by chance. It takes intention and a level of self-awareness to create and tell the story of your brand. Whether you are an experienced leader, aspiring social media influencer, or an entrepreneur; a strong personal brand can help you to attract the energy, opportunities, and people you want in your life. With my help you will be able to make conscious choices to influence what your brand says about you today.

The Evolution Package

  • Engage with your audience
  • Structure your presentations
  • Define your brand as a speaker
  • Effectively use the presentation skills
  • Practice and get feedback

You want to be independent and learn how to get ready for any type of presentation? A complete package of 5 sessions will allow you to master the principles of public speaking, so that you are able to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Together we will work on the three fundamental aspects of Public Speaking: Audience, Message, You. This package is designed to give you tools and techniques to put into practice straightaway. You will have the chance to learn, practice and grow into a confident and composed speaker.

Keynote Speaker

You have an upcoming event and need a charismatic speaker with a dose of humor yet grounded in the reality of today’s challenges? I can talk from experience on:

●   Personal brand
●   Finding Purpose in life
●   Story Telling

Not On The Menu

You need a variation of above? Want to combine personal coaching and group workshops/practice? Anything else that is not even mentioned here? Shoot! I’m sure we can find the right solution!

*All sessions can be done in person or virtually, individually or in small groups.

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