About me

For the last 13 years I have been working in the Learning & Development space for one of the biggest sports companies in the world.

In that time I have seen and heard hundreds of presentations – from the boring ones that made me fall asleep, through to the neutral ones that I remembered only the week after, to the masterpieces that got all my focus and attention.

I became obsessed with understanding what makes the difference between good and bad presentations, and how much of it depends on the presenter themselves. In these 13 years I delivered business presentations, workshops, and motivational speeches for audiences varying from 10 to 800 people. I was also fortunate to have worked individually with some of the highest leaders across the organization to get them ready for their presentations.

I eventually realized one thing: when using the right formula for how you engage with your audience, structure your thoughts and express yourself - you can capture the hearts and minds of any audience.

Since that moment, setting people up for success on their ‘stages’ has become my biggest passion.

Wondering what I can do for you?

Karolina Sterenberg

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